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Prayagraj Public School has a mission to accomplish. This mission to educate the children and develop them into full grown human begins with the excellent qualities of head and heart, who are ever eager to scale new heights in the field of their activity, who are proud of their cultural heritage, who are tolerant and respectful to dissent, who are loyal to the country and the society and who remain temperate even amidst odd moments of their life. Our country and society needs young men and women who have bound-less courage to remain committed to the field of activity they have chosen and to create new things which would benefit mankind for all times to come.
Educating a child is a gradual process, and it requires joint and sustained effort of the school and the home. These could be many distractions on the way but the success is certain if the objective are clear and the spirit is alive.
In the past seven years “PRAYAGRAJ PUBLIC SCHOOL” has exhibited its potential in envolving into quality institution with the hard effort put in by the staff and the students, co-operation and enthusiastic participation of parents and the grace of God. We have been able to find a respectable place for our school within a period of few years. I am sure the school will be succeessful in accomplishing its cherished mission.
“There is nothing others than knowledge which makes a person true.”



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